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Welcome to the Minooka 201 Referendum Campaign Committee Site!

This is the Minooka 201 Referendum Campaign Committee resource and planning website for the April 2nd, 2019 Building Referendum. This page is not affiliated with the Minooka 201 School District. It is run by residents who have volunteered to help campaign, plan, and provide information to those in our district. We invite you to follow us to keep up to date with meeting dates, information, and factual answers to your questions. Please reach out to us at our email address if you have questions or would like to join the campaign efforts!

General contact: Min201Bld4future@gmail.com

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Minooka C.C.S.D. 201 has a $50,000,000 Referendum on the ballot to build a new 5-8 building to alleviate the overcrowding in our district. This additional space will benefit the entire 5-8 grade population by lowering class sizes, offering more opportunities for extra curricular activities, allowing more students to participate in the extra curricular activities, allowing appropriate learning spaces for our fine arts and PE classes, alleviate hallway overcrowding, and to accommodate all students in lunch periods that are at appropriate times.

ELEVEN teachers already share a classroom or teach off of a cart, class sizes have increased, and hallways are packed.

Lunch periods are near capacity. MJHS will need to add a lunch period with the only options being to start at 9:35 am or to end at 2 pm.

We are OUT of gym space. The music room now functions as an additional gym space, causing music to be pushed into a regular classroom.

Students are LOSING study hall time due to overcrowded passing periods.

Administration and Student Services have seen an increase in students reporting difficulty navigating the building during passing times due to volume in halls and crowds around locker spaces.

A high number of students are UNABLE to participate sports and extra curricular activities due to enrollment numbers. 5th grade band rehearsal time has been cut in HALF due to supervision and safety concerns.

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Registration Information

  • February 5 - committee meeting6:30 pm at school district board room
  • February 21 - first day to request vote by mail, also first day to vote at counties
  • March 5 - last day to register in person
  • March 6 - first day for grace period registration and voting
  • March 17 - last day to register online
  • March 18 - early vote begins at permanent polling places
  • March 28 - last day to vote by mail
  • April 1 - last day to early vote